Well geared - concerted strong.

The hey projects Team, having its headoffice in Cologne (Germany) and a representantive office in Berlin (Germany), is leaded by its ovner Holger Hey, with longtime executive experience in international communication and economic-political affairs, specially between the markets of Germany, Brazil and Turkey also as recently to Tunisia. Thanks to a very sucessful, well geared and partially longterm teamwork, the ´hey projects-people` are always and at any time able to provide all the top-services of the portfolio, locally and internationally. Therefor the team synapses with its sublime network and skilled specialised local cooperation partners. 
The hey projects Team can resort to a longtime, diversified and profund experience with varios projects in the context of networking, communication, public relations and public affairs also as in relation with market access, market entry, education and vocational trainings. The development also as the performance of international matchings in various branches, delegation trips, many-sided national and international communication projects for Economy and Management, Enterprises, Political Institutions, Associations and Federations is outstanding part of the multitask competence from your ´hey projects-people`.
Any individual of the core team from hey projects has a special focus, personal roots and relations to at minimum one of our target-regions in the world, as there are Germany, Brazil, Turkey and Tunisia. Together and equiped with great experience in the processes of coordination of planning towards national and international, private and public clients, we are strong. And we strengthen joining a excellent network specially to medium sized industry and public authorities. 
If you want, you can get individual profiles of the hey projects team. Just get in contact with us.

We move together to reach the targets.