international projects

Are you active or do you intent to be present at the markets of our special and personal knowledge and competence in Germany, Brazil, Turkey or the Maghreb?

Are you searching for a market survey, strategies, matchings, road-shows, congresses, forums, special businesstrips, delegations, intercultural trainings, prospectors, fairs and fair participations, seminars, public relations, research, network, individual and adapted comunication, representants or representations?
So here we are as your linking pin, ready to develop, consult or comunicate with a competent and intercultural team also as with a network of sublime local acting cooperation partners in each of our target-countries to your full and individual attendance.

We are your experts in conecting and networking you, your interests and your business inside this mentioned countries or even and specially among each other, with short and efficient beeline garanting you a quick access to information, decision makers and market.

We make it strong! Just contact us, and we will find your fingerprint-solution.

Working with hey projects: the direct way to translate your business to international markets with an explicit local tongue - that is what we do for you.